From stunning waterfalls to endless vistas

discover the BEST hiking Vancouver has to offer

  • Only the best

    Only the best

    Get to know and love the most stunning trails Vancouver has to offer. Selected for their variety, magnificent views and easy access.

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    Take it with you

    iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or your favorite eReader, there's a format for every device.

  • All the stats

    All the stats

    Everything you need to know is clearly laid out: difficulty, distance, elevation gain, time needed, best months to hike & more.

  • Safety and gear info

    Safety and gear info

    If you're new to Vancouver or hiking in general, there is plenty of safety and hiking gear information to get you started.

  • Additional resources

    Additional resources

    Beyond turn-by-turn descriptions, each hike has additional information including official BC Parks webpages, Google Maps and more.

  • Low price

    Low price

    At only $3.99 you're saving money and wasted paper over a paperback book.

My wife and I recently visited Vancouver and were looking for information on some local hikes. This book was the perfect introduction to the hikes available to us and also provided more than enough information to choose which hike was appropriate for what we were looking for. Also, when I e-mailed the author with some questions he responded right away and even suggested some information not in the books - e.g., where to eat and other activities that we may want to incorporate into his suggested hikes. We had some great adventures in Vancouver, thanks in part to this book and the author.
- East Coast Hiker ( Review)

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About the Author

Karl Woll, born and raised in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, has been passionately exploring the area’s local mountains over the last decade.

Beyond hiking, Karl fulfills his desire to be in the outdoors by kayaking, cycling, scuba diving, snowboarding, and most frequently, trail running in the same mountains highlighted in his eBooks. An avid runner, Karl spends most weekends exploring endless North Vancouver trails with his running shoes and a bottle full of coconut water. Karl also runs many of the local races, ranging from 10km to 50mile ultra running events.

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